Facebook comments not loading properly: How to fix it

09 April, 2022 12:00:00 AM by Admin in Social network

Facebook is a famous online media network that pulls in more than 2.45 billion monthly clients. The application now and then gets carted as numerous clients have announced issues like "Facebook remarks not stacking."

We considered investigating the equivalent and presented a few answers for the above-expressed issue. It is very bothering when you can't see the remarks, as it hampers the stage's sole reason, i.e., organizing with individuals. You can contact the Facebook customer service number if you're unsatisfied with the result even after trying the points below. Here, you will get the best help from professionals and provide all the possible effects of your issue.

There could be numerous reasons why Facebook remarks are not stacking appropriately. I am posting a couple of them below:

  • The administrator has impaired the comments about the post.
  • You have a web issue because of which the remarks aren't stacking
  • Storing problems in your program
  • The Facebook application isn't refreshed

Facebook Comments Not Loading – Solutions

It is time to examine the arrangements in detail. We will begin from the highly fundamental structures, which you can attempt to check whether that settles the Facebook remarks, not the stacking issue.

Refresh The Facebook App

By and large, invigorating the Facebook application addresses the issue as the local application stalls here and there. You can try invigorating the application by swiping it on your cell phone.


This will invigorate your feed, remarks, and posts, after which you can get to the remarks. However, if you have to stay with the issue, attempt the following arrangement.

Clear Cache from Browser

We have a nitty-gritty guide on the best way to clear a store in the Google Chrome program. You can take a stab at clearing the program store, but sometimes, it may be the guilty party.


As you realize that your program saves the stored adaptation of the site.


Clearing your store and stacking the site afterward will presumably help you fix the Facebook remarks, not the stacking issue. If not, don't stress. Attempt the following arrangement of arrangements.

Check your Internet Connection


Even though it isn't normal if you are dealing with the issue of Facebook remarks not stacking as they ought to, try to check your web availability and whether you are on a legitimate data transfer capacity to get to the site.


Because of awful cell availability or lower transfer speed Wi-Fi, it could happen that the Facebook site/application isn't stacking completely.

Update the App

OK, we got it that you are sluggish and don't focus on every one of those application refreshes you get on your iOS or Android cell phone.


However, since you have arrived at this FB issue, check if you are getting any warning to refresh the Facebook application on your telephone.


If there is any new form for the application, refresh your application, sign in again, and afterward, have a go at stacking the remarks. Ideally, this will assist you with tackling your issue.

Force Quit/Restart the App

We realize that Facebook is worth billions of dollars and has many representatives. In any case, the stage could the time have a glitch.


The ideal follow-up approach is to compel stop the Facebook application and restart it again. Sign in again, invigorate your feed, and check if the remarks stack fine.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Going to the final hotel, you should uninstall and reinstall the application. Sign in again and check if the remarks are currently stacking appropriately.

This ought to address your concern.

Why Are My Facebook Pages Not Loading?

Once in a while, it might so happen that Facebook pages don't stack. Now and again, a brief update to the Facebook application can help. If the update doesn't work, what would it be advisable for you to do straight away?


Numerous components may influence the working of the Facebook Page. Here are some potential arrangements that can assist with FB pages and other related inquiries:

  • If you utilize a cell phone, ensure it is associated with a dependable information organization or Wi-Fi. If this isn't the case, attempt again when you locate a more steady association.
  • If you are utilizing the Facebook application on Versatile, close it and open it once more.
  • If you are utilizing a PC, revive the page and attempt again. On the other hand, go to shutting and resuming your internet browser.


The issue again might be associated with the rendition of the Facebook application. To forestall the page stacking issue, you can attempt to refresh Facebook. The Help Center is a valuable spot for all the inquiries identified with FB and its highlights.


Additionally, an issue may happen if your page incorporates country or age limitations. To see a page without signing into your Facebook account, eliminate all restrictions by country and age. For this:

  • Sign in to your record and go to the page.
  • Snap Settings at the highest point of the Pages.
  • In the General area, click Country Restrictions; at that point, X is close to any predetermined nations, and Save Changes.
  • Snap Age Restrictions, select All (13+) and click Save Changes.

Can't I See All the Comments on a Facebook Post?

If you don't perceive any remarks on a Facebook post, it probably won't be a blunder but an approach measure. Once in a while, the Facebook organization itself may briefly obstruct explicit activities like composing remarks on it if:

  • Their security frameworks considered any of the distributions dubious or unseemly.
  • Individuals have hailed messages.
  • Record disregarded their Community Standards.

The span of the square relies upon the earnestness of the infringement. The Help Center is a decent spot for comprehending the Community Standards. You can check the related inquiries on Facebook to assist you with finding the proper arrangement.

How Do I See All My Comments on Facebook?

The remarks' usefulness is available in practically all informal communities, and Facebook is no particular case. If you wish to, you can leave your considerations as remarks under the post, either utilizing the web rendition or the Facebook application.

Remarks structure the foundation of Facebook as an informal organization. Without comments, the stage will lose its sole reason.

All remarks are recorded in a different client log. How about we see all the comments about a Facebook post?


In the new Facebook web variant, click on the down bolt symbol in the furthest right area - > Click on Settings and Privacy - > Activity Log.

You can check all your action logs there and decide on the posts where you've remarked as of late.


In the portable adaptation, click the cheeseburger button - > Settings - > Activity.

Sign in to see your new movement log, and remember your remarks on the recent posts you made.


Finally, we propose you remain quiet and not frenzy if you experience any issues with the Facebook application. It is a typical issue incorporating some simple arrangements discussed in this post.

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