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This online status checker tool will help you to check whether your website is up or down.

Every single time your browser asks for a website, status codes are delivered. If something goes wrong, your browser returns an error message. like 'Something isn't right along with an error code e. g 404'

As a webmaster or SEO, you should check the server status of your sites on a regular basis.

This tool is accessible for free on Small SEO Tools, Run a free test for single or bulk URLs.

Paste 20 websites in the test tool If you want to check the HTTP status codes that your browser doesn't normally show you, the test tool will display the HTTP status code of every single website in a seperate line, Each server status code has a different meaning.

Check the status of your favorite website.  This free online status checker tool allows you to check the status code and test URL in real-time. Enter your favorite website’s URL to the tool to instantly test if it is online or not.


Different HTTP response codes with meaning are mentioned below:


  1. 200: It indicates the status of your site is good and the server is returning the website URL for which you have requested.
  2. 301: It means that the address of your site has permanently moved to a new site address and all the domains and subdomains must be redirected to a new location.
  3. 302: It indicates that the server has found a temporary website redirection. This website URL must be utilized again as it is temporary.
  4. 307: Similar to 302.
  5. 400: It denotes a bad request. It indicates that the server is not incapable of understanding the website URL you are requesting.
  6. 401: Unauthorized access.
  7. 403: Forbidden indicates that the server will not display any content until or unless you are substantiated to access that content.
  8. 404: Not found. It frustrates us when we get this error message as we don't get the result which we are searching for which means that the file which you are finding is not found on a web server.
  9. 410: Similar to 404.
  10. 500: Internal Server Error. This error message frustrates the webmaster, web developer along with the individual visiting website as this error is pertinent to the server and should be solved within a shorter time span.

Understanding Of HTTP Status Code

Error codes can be used to identify the problem with a URL. By understanding the error code, you can then determine the nature of the problem.

If you've got a website that's down because of any of the errors mentioned above, you should contact your web hosting service provider to get it sorted out.

This simple-to-use tool is an essential tool for webmasters and SEOs. It can help you identify problems on websites and help you prioritize your time.

By using WebPageTest you’ll learn the cause of your website being slow, what to fix and how to fix it.

How To Use Server Status Checker Testing Tool?
Here is Guide to using this tool,

Enter URL into the text area of the website that you want to check.
Make sure you write the complete URL of any website, including HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
You can enter up to 10 domains, but keep in mind each domain name should be in a separate line.
Click on Submit Button and wait.

Our Tool will present results in a few moments, It is very fast, simple, and accurate.

Why Server Status Monitoring is necessary

If your website grows, it’s vital to get involved in every aspect of your site operations.

To improve your website’s performance, it’s crucial that you keep an eye on your hosting server and your network. If you neglect to monitor these two areas, they can fail unexpectedly.

Monitoring server status can provide multiple benefits, including increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs.

Wheb Should Webmasters Use Server Status Checker?

If you own and manage websites, then you must periodically check the server status of your sites.

It can be a very frustrating experience when you’re unable to connect to your favorite websites. So here’s how to fix the problem.

There’s no need to use third-party utilities for this, just use the free version of these status checker utilities that are available online.

If you run a website, you need to know how to use HTTP status codes.

If you're wondering why you are getting an HTTP 404 error, you should check your server log files.

HTTP Status Codes and Errors Matter in SEO

While crawling search engine bots read HTTP status codes and act accordingly on whether or not your website pages should index in the search engine. 200 status codes signal that everything is working fine on your website. 400 response codes and 500 response codes can prevent search engine bots from crawling and indexing your website's important pages, and signal search engines that your site is not a quality site, therefore, can lower your website rank.


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