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Paraphrasing Tool

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About Paraphrasing Tool

Professional Paraphrasing tool

Entiretools.com introduces a cutting-edge Professional Paraphrasing Tool designed to meet the needs of students, writers, and professionals seeking to refine and enhance their written content. This advanced tool leverages sophisticated algorithms to rephrase text, ensuring originality while maintaining the original meaning and improving readability.


Key Features

  • Hand-Picked Synonyms in Database
  • Unlimited Content production.
  • Auto-spinning of words
  • Human-friendly readable txt
  • SEO Friendly Content
  • Creative Outcome of Submitted Content

You can dominate search engines for free.

The most reliable way to compete with search engines is by regularly publishing content on your site that is unique, readable, and practical. Thanks to Articlewatt.com for providing an effective online tool for your search engine marketing efforts. Offer your visitor valuable content, and give Google unique readable text to index. It's a win-win situation!

Features of Paraphrasing Tool

Multiple Language Support

One thing that sets Article Rewriter Pro apart from the other article rewriters is that it has Multilanguage support. It supports not 1, not two, but can support seven languages to give you the best results possible no matter what language you want to rewrite.

It supports seven international languages.

  • English
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Indonesian
  • Germany

Provides 3 to 4 alternative options to replace existing words so that you can produce another unique article from your original article.

How to use the Professional Paraphrasing tool?

  1. Enter the text (in any language) you want to rewrite.
  2. Select the language from the dropdown list
  3. Click on the spin button
  4. Wait for the spinner tool to complete the spin process
  5. Click on finish
  6. Now select Download Text file or HTML file
  7. You can also verify for plagiarism before publishing it.
  8. Alternatively, you can use this free text rewriter to update your Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest or any other social media feed if you are looking for a new way of posting similar content.

Explain with pictures - STEP 1

Professional Paraphrasing tool


Professional Paraphrasing tool


Professional Paraphrasing tool




Benefits of Professional Paraphrasing Tool

Enhanced Content Quality: Improve the clarity, coherence, and overall quality of your text, making it more engaging and effective for its intended purpose.

Plagiarism Avoidance: By rephrasing existing content, the tool helps reduce plagiarism risks, ensuring that your work remains original and copyright-compliant.

Improved Productivity: Streamline your writing process by quickly generating revised versions of your text, allowing you to focus on refining your ideas and content strategy.

Educational Utility: An excellent resource for students looking to understand different ways to present information and for educators seeking to demonstrate effective paraphrasing techniques.

SEO Benefits: For digital marketers and content creators, the tool aids in creating unique content that can improve SEO performance and drive organic traffic.

Web-based Sentence Rephraser

We offer web-based content applications like paraphrasing tools, text comparisons, and Word-to-Pdf. This tool can provide multiple variations of a single word or sentence. It's the most helpful and best tool.

It's based on sentence syntax and its grammatical formation. If you are one of those people who want to create content in bulk, then this is undoubtedly the best paraphrasing tool to use.

With the help of our article rewriter tool, you can create a new version of your source article and make thousands of dollars in the process. We know every Internet site owner thinks they can do what we do. The algorithm generates variation in a text through the spinning process, also called paraphrasing.

How do you change a paragraph without plagiarizing?

To change a paragraph without plagiarizing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Understand the Content: Read and understand the original text thoroughly. Grasping the main ideas allows you to articulate them in your own words.
  2. Paraphrase: Rewrite the text using your own words. Aim to convey the same message but with different vocabulary and sentence structure.
  3. Use Synonyms: Replace words with their synonyms, but ensure that the replacements fit the context.
  4. Change the Sentence Structure: Alter the information order or change active sentences to passive ones (and vice versa).
  5. Condense or Expand: Summarize points to condense information or add examples to expand on ideas, as appropriate.
  6. Quote: Use direct quotes for specific, unique phrases or terms, and always attribute these quotes to the original author.
  7. Cite Your Sources: Even if paraphrased, it's essential to credit the source of the information.

This approach helps create original content while respecting intellectual property.


How can I make a Sentence Better?

A good sentence must be clear, concise, correctly punctuated, free of grammar mistakes, and have a proper flow. All of the above elements must be improved for a sentence to be better. Effective paraphrasing is one of the best ways to improve a sentence, and using the right tools can help you improve a sentence even more.

What is the difference between free and paid Paraphrasing tools?

Free paraphrasing tools work similarly to machine translation software, producing human-soundinTextxt, but are not necessarily perfect. It's important to note that compared to the paid version of Entiretools.

Is using the Paraphrasing Tool Cheating?

However, some may argue that employing paraphrasing tools is unethical because the information is not original, and the tools do not acknowledge the original writer.

Paraphrasing involves paraphrasing your sources without changing the meaning of the facts, and citation means that you need to show which words are from the source and which are your own

That's why paraphrasing tools with correct citations and references is not considered cheating.

Is Paraphrasing Tool Legit?

The utilization of Paraphrase Tools is the determining factor for their legitimacy. Plagiarism is always illegal, and when misused, it constitutes plagiarism, which is illegal. Absolutely! These paraphrasing tools make work easier and faster, especially on tight deadlines. But one must utilize them properly.

How do you use the Paraphrasing Tool in Word?

Microsoft Word's Web version now includes some rewrite suggestions, but it is minimal. However, this new feature has not yet been implemented for the PC or the mobile versions. Many paraphrasing tools, such as Microsoft Word add-ins on PCs, are available, including entiretools.com. These rephrases, or add-ins, assist you in rewording your text.

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