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What are meta tags?

If you don't know what meta tags are, type in Google "meta tag examples" and see what results you get.

Meta tags are HTML tag content that creates metadata about your website. These are the title and descriptions. Search engines use meta tags to index and provide relevant content on their search results page. Meta tags are a must for any website if they want to have its presence online. Suppose meta-tags have already been applied to your web pages. In that case, they are an excellent way to help you optimize your web pages for search engines and others who might be using the internet to discover more about your company.

Why can't I see the meta tags from your page? The protocol was initially designed to give machines the information they needed, which means the meta tags are buried deep within the HTML code, which is why this tool was made!

This is a handy site if you're trying to build or optimize your website. You'll learn how to edit the meta tag code and visualize it.

How to generate Meta tags online?

Ste-by-step procedure to generate meta tags online

  • Go to
  • Search Meta Tags
  • Fill in your Website details, site title, site description, site keywords, site languages, etc

meta tags generator online

Meta tags generator online video guide

Meta Description Tips

  • Most Important: Most search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc., use the meta description tag in their search results. Proper meta description tags help improve your website click rate and increase organic traffic.
  • Your meta description should be catchy and easy to understand. Users who search for topics related to your website will see it on many search results pages.
  • The meta tag must be a sentence to a couple of sentences long its length should be about 155 to 160.
  • Each page on your website should have its meta tag description.
  • It would help if you strengthened the keywords in the page title, targeting alternate versions.
  • You should typically add multiple versions of the keywords and phrase modifiers, hitting other permutations not heavily focused upon in your page title.
  • Your meta description should also help transform your site from other competing ranked sites from your niche.

Why Do Meta Tags Matter?

What makes a web page valuable is whether it's shared online and how much people rank it on Google. It's an important topic.

Imagine walking into a store that's been vacant for years. In the middle of the store is a room with shelves piled high with all sorts of things that no longer sell.

A good Facebook link is essential to any social media strategy. If your link doesn't look great, it will never get clicked.

As part of your digital marketing campaigns, you'll often create compelling copy and striking images, which readily lend to being a part of your web page's metadata.

Metadata is an essential exercise in developing your concise sales pitch. Google will only give you about 60 characters for your title and 105 for your description. You have an excellent opportunity to tighten up your value proposition.

Do Meta Tags Help with SEO

The title tag is the most important meta tag for ranking regarding SEO. Only use meta tags to help your SEO ranking, but don't neglect them if you're not getting the desired results.

The keyword meta tag was a significant part of website ranking because search engine robots used the value to categorize websites.

In 2009 Google announced that the keyword meta tag is no longer a part of ranking and would potentially harm your order if abused.

If I were you, I would change my old thinking and use SEO to rank highly for my keywords rather than focus on backlinks, social signals, and the other traditional methods?

After you rank high in the search engines for any given keyword, people must click on your site. Other parts of meta tag data play an essential role, particularly the meta title and description.

What is a Meta Tags generator?

Metatags is a tool to debug and generate metatag codes for any website. You can edit your web pages with meta tags to make them easy to search. You can also test your pages on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Title Tag

Your meta description is the second most crucial factor for SEO, right after the quality and quantity of your content.

HTML code tags are straightforward, and most web developers know about them.

When it comes to SEO, simplicity is often a good thing.

Meta Description

Meta descriptions are great for engaging users who click through to your site. They don't do much for search engine optimization, though.

This information will draw people looking for your products to your product pages. Use the meta description to explain why your products are unique, which is what you should be focused on.

While it's not required, and Google can use the text already in the HTML of your website, it's usually better to control the description text.

Meta Image or OG: Image

Search engines use Meta Tags to identify web pages and determine which one a user clicks first when searching for something specific on the web.

Graphic content is an under-appreciated part of website design that often gets ignored. But in 2018, people are more and more searching for online video, infographics, and graphic content.

You don't have to be a professional graphic designer to use Figma or Canva. Anyone can create compelling imagery to help their page stand out on search results pages.

Your meta image is three times larger than your text content on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This will help your site rank higher in the search engines.

Character Counting Script

If your page title is longer than 70 characters, some search engines will truncate it in the middle. You can avoid this by adding an extra space after the first or last character.

They only allow three to five characters in a description. They also limit the number of characters displayed in the report. This form can determine the number of characters in the page title or meta description tag.

Recently Google has started displaying more results with shorter sentences. Sometimes, they may show less after you've accounted for keyword bolding. Mobile search results might show even fewer characters in some cases.




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