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How does it work

This free website tool checks analyzes, and displays the date of your web page's creation. You can also find out your site's old with our domain age checker. Just enter the URLs you want to analyze and click the button on the website age checker will do the rest.

How to check domain age?

domain age checker

Things You Should Learn About Domain Age

This data highlights how long the domain name is valid. It gives the visitors an idea of how much the domain name is worth and helps them trust the website and the search engine.

The most crucial factor that plays a vital role in the domain name age is how long the website has been registered. A website registered for a more extended period will have a higher domain name age than a website registered for a shorter time. If a visitor knows how old a website is, they can have some trust that it's a reliable and well-maintained one. Search engine algorithm updates are made to calculate search engine optimization (SEO) factors such as domain age, number of backlinks, and time spent online,

Domain age alone does not imply that the site has quality content. However, combining many factors helps a site rank better in the search engines, including domain age, quality of backlinks and keywords, etc.

Hence, the new website owners should not worry about this issue. They should focus on posting quality content for their website and try to get relevant inbound links.

How does Domain Age Play an Important Role in Ranking Your Website in Google?

Domain age is an important SEO factor for Google. If a site has been online for years, it's important to update its information regularly to avoid penalization in SERPs. If you don't have much SEO experience, you're lucky because you can easily find experts to help you get started. It means that if a domain were registered for ten years, Google would not consider it ten years old because Google needs to know how long it has been online and how many websites for that domain name have to get a site indexed by search engines.

Some webmasters may not know what domain age means, leading to misunderstandings with their websites. If you want to check your domain age and analysis, try Domain Age Checker, the best domain age tool.

An aged domain can give you a lot of money because it is optimized and has excellent content that can get a lot of traffic. A business person should buy a domain as soon as possible because it will help his business to grow, and he can then expand his business and earn more money. Apart from this, it is vital to hold the domain for a long time because this lets the domain age and gain more authority with the search engine. You need a website to start an e-commerce business long-term, not short-term. Because if a website owner holds a website for a more extended period, they can get an edge in the SERPs.

Search engines look for the longevity of a site. They rank your web page depending on the longevity of your site. To get a higher ranking in the search engine and boost the website's traffic over time for more sales revenue, the site plan must be around for a long time to ensure it gets its authority as soon as possible. Use the best domain age tool to find out how long a domain has been active.

You should visit the website to see how the website is performing in the market. It will give you an idea of the potential of the site. The Age of your domain plays a vital role in determining its ranking on search engines such as Google. If your domain age is more than two years, this will boost your PR, but only if you have a high-quality backlink profile in Google. For that reason, all experienced web admins and veteran developers know that the older the domain name of the website, the higher the chance of the website doing well.

What Is the Advantage of Getting an Aged Domain?

If you want to make money online, you should focus on getting an aged domain. Many domains have been dropped from the online market and are available due to that drop. Domain names can be essential to help your website rise above the competition. An old domain name can give you a jump start on your niche and save you several months. You can leverage an aged domain because Google gives more preference to older sites. An older domain will make it easy to create a website that will be an excellent base for further development. If you want to build traffic quickly, creating a domain that's been around for a while is essential. You can speed up many processes like PR with specific software and backlinks.

As many website owners are faking their domain age to Google, buying the older domain gives you a better chance to win the trust of Google because older domains have almost been validated. The best time to take advantage of older domains is before too many other people do it.

How it Works

This web page tool shows the approximate Age of a website on the Internet and helps you to see how the site appeared when it first started. Your competitor might have a higher rank in Google than you, but you can see what they're getting from their domain age.

The Wayback Machine was initially designed at the Internet Archive. This accessible web service archives pages from the Internet Archive's enormous library of websites. The Age of a Domain Name In this article, we'll examine the role of the Age of a domain name in search engine rankings.

Check the Age of a domain.

This tool uses WHOIS to find out how old a domain is. It uses an API that queries the registrar to get the data. Age is one of the metrics used to establish the credibility and value of a domain. The older a domain is, the more trusted it tends to be and the more likely it is to have a higher valuation.

How to use our domain age checker tool

Visit our domain age checker tool today! We make it super easy and fast to check whether a website is old or new. Check it out and find out how old your website is!

How to read your domain age checker report

With our domain age checker, you get several pieces of information, including the domain's estimated Age and the website's estimated Age.

Domain name

Your domain name is like your online business; the first is for apple and for google.

Expiration date

The expiration date indicates when a domain name will be released from the DNS records. If the domain name owner does not renew the domain name, the domain name will be available for sale.

A famous example of domain name flipping was when Googled bought its domain name for $12,000, then sold it back to the company that initially registered it for $12.


This is the Age of your website. It shows you how many years, months, and days you've been online; this summary is used to describe the Age of the domain, as well as how many years, months, and days.

If you like nitty-gritty details, you'll love this section of your report.

Creation date

A creation date lists the date and time that a website was created. The date is formatted as year, month, and a day or YYYY MM DD, while time follows a 12-hour.

Update date

The updated date revealed when the owner renewed the domain name—efficacy and safety of ezetimibe/simvastatin in patients with hypercholesterolemia and coronary artery disease.

It includes both the date and time. This part of the domain age checker report uses the 12-hour clock format for time and displays the date as year, month, and day.

Why use the domain age checker tool?

A domain age checker tool can help you find answers like an apple. Com is older than Google? The domain name was created more than 30 years ago, during www. Google began as a search engine in 1996 and became a public company in 2004. domain age checker is a great way to find facts about well-known brands and their history. Companies looking to compete against competitors online in search results will want to use it. You can use domain age to your advantage by checking to see how long your competitors have been online. This data can help you rank higher in search engine results.

Skip ahead to learn how the Age of your domains impacts your search engine optimization. Your domain name is your address on the web. Ensure that it's relevant to the page's content and that you use it appropriately.


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