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About CSR Generation

How do I apply for a Certificate Signing Request?

When you apply for a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), you will be asked to enter information, including your name, email address, and company name.

To create the Certificate Signing Request, you will need to create a new key pair and upload a public key certificate of that keypair.

1. Create a New Key Pair

Using a personal computer, use a tool such as GPG to generate a pair of keys. Using a server, use the “Generate” option in the OpenSSL tool. You will need to input the data requested by the tool.

2. Generate the Certificate Signing Request

Next, use the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generator tool from an internet browser. This will prompt you to provide a public key, enter the information requested and generate the CSR.

3. Sign the Certificate Signing Request

The key pair you created in step one will now be ready to sign the Certificate Signing Request. This will ask you to authenticate your key pair using a passphrase. Enter this passphrase and click OK. This will prompt you to submit the signed Certificate Signing Request to the Certificate Authority you selected. Click on the Submit button.

All about CSR

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is one of the most common terms in the financial field. However, it is quite a complicated concept that you must know the basics.

A CSR can be defined as a document containing details required to create or renew the Digital Certificate. The most important part of CSR is the data you want to protect or verify the authenticity of. To create and sign a CSR, there are two requirements:

First, the Certificate Authority (CA) has to generate a private key to encrypt your public key to the CSR.

Secondly, a signing certificate must be created to validate the public key.

To understand the importance of CSR, let's consider the following example:

Alice wants to ensure that her website will be accessible to people who have signed up for her service. She signs up with the Certificate Authority and chooses to protect the website with HTTPS. The CA then creates a CSR that contains the public keys for all of Alice's domain names.

Alice's CSR is now sent to the CA, encrypted with the private key, and digitally signed by the CA.

The CSR is then sent back to Alice, who uses the CSR's public key to decrypt the encrypted message with the CA's private key. This means that the information in the CSR is encrypted with the CA's private key, and the only way to recover the original text of the CSR is with the CA's private key.

In other words, the CSR represents the public key needed to verify that the CA's private key has generated a digital signature. Without the CSR, the public key would be useless as it would be impossible to validate the signature.

This process ensures that no third party has generated the CSR.

You need to complete the information below to create a CSR. The information must include all domain names you want to protect with a single certificate.

For example, say that you have the domain name abc.com and want to create a CSR for that domain. You would fill out the following information:

• Domain Name

• Organization/Contact Information

• Common Name

• Additional Extensions

• Country

• State or Province

• Locality

• Organization Type

• Organizational Unit

• Common Name

• Email Address

• Telephone

• Website

• Fax

• City

• Postal Code

• Extension

When filling out these fields, enter the information according to your company guidelines, or you may be in trouble. For example, some organizations may require a common name different from the user's real name. A familiar name should be unique within the organization. If you are creating a CSR for a business, make sure you use the correct legal name.

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